Wow, so much change and change I couldn’t have imagined at the start of the year when reports of a virus having a serious impact in China became mainstream news. Tomorrow schools in the UK will close and I, like many parents will continue to work from home but now with my children under the same roof. My colleagues in Europe have been doing this for some time, many with the added complication of being confined to their homes and they are coping brilliantly. I am thankful that I will be able to take my children out to the park and take my eldest running as she is keen to keep up her training.

Quite rightly people are concerned, they worry about isolation, motivation and more. We humans are social animals who thrive on interaction, we love groups, we love to belong and we love doing things together. For some going into the office gives them the sense of purpose that humans need and that will disappear. For some the office environment motivates them and provides the stimulation to work. We need to find our way of working remotely and staying physically and mentally healthy. For me that means a routine, a clearly defined work space, maintaining a bullet journal to capture my thoughts, manage my tasks & activities and finally a time when I stop so my evening and family time begins.

From Monday my routine will change because the children won’t be at school and the family will all need a new routine, with time that allows each of us the space to do our work or school work, to be together and set expectations. I am planning fun things together using many of the resources I am seeing online. At work I have set up a group to share ideas, resources and be there for each other. I will collate a few of my favs and share here.

I will end with something I love: Tea at Three over Skype, what a great way to have a virtual get together!

Remote working

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