So I thought I was in a good place to handle remote working and home schooling. I have been remote working for ages, I have run my own business and delivered countless classes and PT sessions with my children present. Then it happened.

Two weeks ago I was optimistic, I had experience to share, I had set up groups at work to help others and was offering advice. I thought my blog would be full. However I underestimated the emotional energy I would use and how much my family would use…. I was soon empty.

On a practical level we have stayed safe, the dog is exercised, the children are fed and learning important life lessons and I have kept up with the demands of work. However the emotional adjustment took some time.

But I am there now and with virtual wine organised with the girls at work tomorrow I am now where I thought I would be.

Note to self… emotional and mental adjustment is much slower than the practical. Recognise this, accept it and be kind to yourself whilst it happens.


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